ADBLOCK (Notification Killer)

ADBLOCK (Notification Killer)


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Trial Version.
1. No root needed.
2. Focus on blocking ADs on system Notification bar(Title bar), not the other kinds of ADs in Chrome or other Browser, or YouTube, Games.
3. ADBLOCK didn't use "android.permission.INTERNET" permission, which means it cannot access Internet resource and cannot do anything about Internet. All the data operation is done in local only. In addition, It always follows user security policy.
4. Ad-Block will auto-clean/monitor flooding notifications in Android status bar
5. Which App keeps sending AD notification? You could use it to find it out and block all.
6. Support Android 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4,4
7. OS under 4.3, only support monitor AD, and un-install APK
8. The "AD-Block" never collects user information but only help block/monitor/un-install App sending AD in Android status bar!
9. Add "Statistic page" for the ranking of which sending the most AD!
10. Add a filter for "All Apps on device" and "Play Store App only" in "Block page", so it's easy to tell from "System App" or "Play Store App".
11. Support multiple APK un-install feature in "Block page", and you could use the feature to un-install a set of Apps with efficiency.
12. Any feedback is welcomed.

Use case:
1. Once Ad-Block detect which App sending AD notification, you could un-install that App according to it's Icon or messages.
2. Too many notifications annoy you? Just block them all!
3. Some notifications with notification sound annoy you? Just block them all!
4. Even block them all, you still could browse all latest notifications in "AD History" page

Dernières modifications de cette version

#Enhance stability.
#Support filter all overall notifications or Play Store App notifications only.
#Optimize background color to have eyes feel comfortable.
#Enhance performance.
#Add color label for System App or Play Store App
v12, 13
#Enhance stability.
#Add a filter for "All Apps on device" and "Play Store App only" in "Block page",
so it's easy to tell from "System App" or "Play Store App".
#Support multiple APK un-install feature

Commentaires et classements de ADBLOCK (Notification Killer)
  • (70 étoiles)

    par Edna Rlizabeth le 31/08/2014

    Status bar is very clean~~~⊙⊙

  • (70 étoiles)

    par Elva Coran le 31/08/2014

    It really help me.

  • (70 étoiles)

    par Vieric Rabbyni le 31/08/2014

    Adblock can really block notification efficiently! Than you can decide if to uninstall that app according to the notification message it left! Adblock need Android OS above 4.3 to have full performance! Suppose most new android device support OS 4.3!

  • (70 étoiles)

    par Nini Jolomy le 31/08/2014

    I like to use it to uninstall app since adblock can let you know which apps are from play store easily.

  • (70 étoiles)

    par Vanessa Speaker le 30/08/2014

    It says it can read personal information. No thank you!

  • (70 étoiles)

    par Daniel Deville le 29/08/2014


  • (70 étoiles)

    par Aillen Beata le 29/08/2014

    Nice! Cool! Wonderful!

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