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Crumby is your go-to choice for downloading the web's best images straight to your Android phone.

Current Features:
★ UNIVERSAL WEBSITE COMPATIBILITY*: View any supported image gallery within Crumby.
★ INFINITE SCROLLING GALLERIES: Every gallery you browse will only stop displaying images once you've scrolled to the very bottom.
★ GROW AND SHRINK GRID: Pinch and zoom to see the gallery as a sequence or as a grid of images.
★ OMNIBAR SEARCH: Scour the web for the images that match exactly what you want using Bing by Microsoft.
★ INFINITE DOWNLOAD: Save and manage as many images as you can fit on your device.
★ URL BREADCRUMBS: Quickly navigate between image, galleries, and entire website hierarchies.
★ INSTANT SUPPORT: Post any question, feature request, and bug report directly to the development team in the app or .
★ AND MORE: Crumby is being developed daily. With your feedback in hand, I'll build you the best image browsing experience on Android.

Note: Currently, Crumby is an Open Beta and, as such, supports the following websites:
★ Danbooru
★ Imgur
★ Derpibooru
★ DeviantArt.
★ Gelbooru
★ e621
★ Konachan
★ FurAffinity
★ SankakuComplex Channel
★ SankakuComplex Idol
★ 20% Cooler
★ Tbib
★ Inkbunny (ALPHA, Use at your own risk)

DISCLAIMER: Crumby does not own or condone any content viewed through it. All rights are reserved for the content creators and/or websites which host these images.

- Bing by Microsoft: Universal Text Search API (
- Picasso by Square Inc: Android image downloading and caching library (
- Otto by Square Inc: Android event bus. (
- Photoview by Chris Banes: Zoom-in, zoom-out, view for images. (
- Uservoice by Uservoice: Custom and built-in user support library. (
- Music in Trailer: "Please Listen Carefully" by Jahzzar

Dernières modifications de cette version

New: Refreshing when at the top of the gallery will now get you the latest images in that gallery.
New: Improved Compatibility with Tumblr
Fix: Plugged up memory leaks when jumping between pages.
Fix: Improved battery life/power consumption.
Fix: Crumby no longer stays active in the background.
Fix: Solved Blacklist not working with e621 and twenty % cooler.

Commentaires et classements de Crumby Universal Image Browser
  • (53 étoiles)

    par Guillaume Pichon le 13/10/2014

    Would really love some kind of support for Muzei

  • (53 étoiles)

    par tadeus King le 24/09/2014


  • (53 étoiles)

    par alexandre barbet le 29/08/2014

    Juste wouaw. Simple, rapide, bonne qualité, et surtout ingénieuse l'idée de regrouper autant de sites en une application, tout simplement prodigieux, depuis le temps que j'avais besoin d'un truc comme ça, je suis servi ! :-) je suis agréablement surpris, bravo au développeur et je recommande vivement cette application.

  • (53 étoiles)

    par Brony Sama le 27/08/2014

    Cette appli est juste parfaite, depuis le temps que j'en attendais une comme celle la ! Du très bon boulot, j'attend avec impatience les ajouts et améliorations qui suivront ! Merci aux développeurs ! :)

  • (53 étoiles)

    par Teddy MAY ᴴᴰ le 25/08/2014

    java.lang.NumberFormatException: invalid int:"""" Fix it please

  • (53 étoiles)

    par Max le Fou le 03/08/2014

    But it needs alot of improvements