Display Brightness for Wear

Display Brightness for Wear


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Very simple application that uses the coarse location as well as the Google Play Services activity detection API to automatically set the display brightness on your Android Wear.

This is only necessary for watches that don't have an ambient light sensor.

Sunrise and sunset times are calculated based on your location.

If it's night time, the brightness will always be set to the lowest.

If it's day time, it will determine the brightness, between medium and high, based on the current user activity. For example, if the user is driving the brightness will always be set to the highest. If the user is still, then the brightness will be set to medium.

By using the activity detection, we are making assumptions to determine whether the user is indoors, or outdoors, and then setting the display brightness on the watch based on that.

For battery saving purposes, there may be a delay between each detection.

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Agrandir vue - Display Brightness for Wear pour capture d'écran Android
Agrandir vue - Display Brightness for Wear pour capture d'écran Android
Commentaires et classements de Display Brightness for Wear
  • (62 étoiles)

    par Ryan Rij le 06/08/2014

    Wasn't sure this was working after checking my brightness throughout the day.

  • (62 étoiles)

    par Paweł Komarnicki le 03/08/2014

    Set brightness to 50% for the whole day, doesn't change after that. No indication that it is runs at all.

  • (62 étoiles)

    par Sergey Smirnov le 03/08/2014

    But need some custom fine tuning - for example at home at day time 3 is to light for me and I would like to be able to change it to 2.

  • (62 étoiles)

    par Brandon Gaona le 02/08/2014

    I'm not convinced this is actually doing anything... Brightness always at the same level, day or night, driving, not driving.....

  • (62 étoiles)

    par Rabid Rotty le 02/08/2014


  • (62 étoiles)

    par Jesse Hickman le 01/08/2014

    Whenever I check brightness seems to be at 4. Even at midnight.

  • (62 étoiles)

    par Ryan R le 31/07/2014

    I'm glad someone did this, I've been wishing for a time-based automatic brightness adjustment for my G Watch since day one. However, I think there can be improvements made to it. As it is now, there is absolutely no indication that the app is active or doing anything and there are no settings or variables for users to configure. I think that there should be settings (either on watch of phone) w

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