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INES.Mobile is an application that allows you to access and work with your INES CRM data from your phone or tablet Android. You can manage your contacts (clients, prospects, providers), tasks, appointments and calls in your INES CRM account from your device.

Main functionality

With INES.Mobile you are able to:
· Access information in your CRM: access information in your INES CRM account from your phone or tablet Android.
· Synchronise changes you make: you can add, modify or delete data from your Android device. Changes are automatically synchronised in your account and are available to all your database users.
· Work in the off-line mode: you can continue working with INES.Mobile even if your device does not count on an Internet connection. You can access data kept in your device using bookmarked companies and contacts.
· Making calls right from the application: you can call your contacts right from the INES.Mobile application. It lets you select between a standard or Skype type of call.
· Find clients or contacts: INES.Mobile shows the location of your clients, prospects or any other contact in your INES CRM account.
· View the record of all company registers stored in your database: you can find any company in your INES CRM account and check exchanges you had with them: appointments, emails, tasks, notes.
· Sort information from pre-defined listings: for example, you can view companies based on pre-defined listings: bookmarks, my clients, my companies, companies created lately, my prospects.
· Update client and contact information: you can modify all fields of companies added in INES CRM and your contacts´.
· Update activities´ information: you can change your appointment status, or modify content in a note or reschedule a task.
· Create new activities and associate them to company registers: you can create appointments, tasks, calls or notes and associate them to your companies and contacts.


Dernières modifications de cette version

* Manual and QR Company creation
* Companies forms listings with “City” and “Type” field
* Automatic save of the last 10 companies viewed
* Contact creation from Company field
* Share contacts via Gmail, SMS, Skype, etc ...
* Send SMS to contacts
* New contact information in Contact lists
* Historical menu item

Commentaires et classements de INES CRM
  • (72 étoiles)

    par FLIP SAS le 30/07/2014

    Dommage que l'onglet affaire n'est pas présent, ça facilite beaucoup le travail des commerciaux

  • (72 étoiles)

    par Stephane LECANTE le 15/07/2014


  • (72 étoiles)

    par Morgane Boidart le 15/07/2014

    Excellent pour retrouver sa base de donnée en toute mobilité !

  • (72 étoiles)

    par Julien rose-rosette le 15/07/2014

    L'application INES prolonge mon expérience ordinateur et me permet d'accéder aux informations essentielles de ma base clients à tout instant. Un atout professionnel indispensable.

  • (72 étoiles)

    par Brune Wibaux le 15/07/2014

    Application très simple à utiliser. Très utile pour suivre les historiques des échanges, gérer nos taches et rendez vous. On a accès aux informations essentielles en toute mobilité

  • (72 étoiles)

    par Ben Sava le 15/07/2014

    Application simple et efficace!

  • (72 étoiles)

    par zzz zzz le 10/07/2014

    On peut visualiser les rdv, contacts etc, tout sauf les email.. Bizzare...