Three Match Game Helper

Three Match Game Helper


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  • Helps with Game
  • Quick
  • Customized Matches
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  • Root Required
  • Not in English
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"A Great Helper, But Not in English"

Evalué par / Mar 24, 2015

If you like playing Three Match Game, this app can make your life simpler


This app by HeaPlay helps you through the tough levels of Three Match games by automatically giving you all the options there.

The apps biggest issue is that it isn't in English and therefore hard to navigate.


Makes playing easy and it's super quick. It also allows for customized matches.


A root is required. Not in English.

Description originale du développeur
* Root Required
* Notice !
* This app is not compatible with all devices; if you cannot use it please DO NOT BUY; we are keeping improving its compatibility

This app can help you get through every tough level easily!

- Applied for most prevalent three match game
- One click all auto, exceed human's finger move speed limit !
- at 6 six combo in normal mode; customized match in advanced mode

- control panel not shown : back to desktop and then open your game
- the move is not made : please follow instructions in "touch correction"
- if you see『there is some malicious software installed on your device. remove them to use our app.』,it means that some malicious applications are installed on your device,please open again after you uninstall it

Dernières modifications de cette version

-add auto attack mode

-add support to Hongmi

- special stone will be detected and avoided; the function will be auto added without any settings after "extra function" is purchased

fixed Nexus 7 and Note 3
fixed the problem of irregular matching

compatibility improved, now it is compatible with Galaxy S4, HTC Butterfly S, etc.
(if the overlay panel is not seen, open your phone camera to see it)

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    par p45p1 le 05/01/2014

    cat/dev/graphics/fb0 請問大大這是甚麼意思!?

  • (50)

    par pms-303 le 26/12/2013

    ASUS MEMO Pad 8 校正過之後用結果都是0步 經確認未有使用過 並且無法購滿 GOOGLE說 風險過大 取消訂單 大大儘快 要給你賺錢 喔

  • (50)

    par abc2424393 le 22/11/2013

    妳好 我現在卡在 觸控校正 一子顯示沒有適合觸控屏 誰可以教我如何把他用好 我手機s20 麻煩大大了
    可以教我的麻煩+個賴 ID:abcyahoocomtw

  • (50)

    par z821209 le 12/11/2013


  • (50)

    par ryuk25798 le 06/11/2013

    雜牌的手機 X9NOTE 可以開 但是,他在跑的時候還得按住螢幕 他才會自動轉珠 不像其他的 按了就自動轉了 麻煩請修正

  • (50)

    par gvxxugux3 le 03/11/2013

    i9103 手機無法觸控校正...請快改善

  • (50)

    par a24926286 le 01/10/2013

    ACER E2 觸控最多校正到97.42 因為她是960*540 螢幕邊邊絕對抓不到 麻煩可以開到97%就成功嗎?

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