Marijuana Smokers Guide

Marijuana Smokers Guide

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Sometimes all you really need is a good guide.

An app for healthy living, safe medicating and legal use. For medical patients and their care-givers, the Smokers Guide provides an easy introduction to the world of marijuana - the paraphernalia, smoking devices, culture and world of health related cannabis consumption.

Packed with informative articles, info, tips and reliable advice on all things related to medical marijuana. This guide is crucial for the novice while also enlightening for the old pro.

Table of Contents:

Basic Supplies
* Papers
* Roaches
* Grinders
* Stashes
* Rolling Matts
* Rolling Machines
* Rolling Stations
* Lighters
Smoking Devices
* Pipes
* Bongs
* Vaporizers
* Hookah
* Home made
Consumption Choices
How to Roll a Joint
Law, Politics and History
Marijuana Myths
Slang Glossary

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Agrandir vue - Marijuana Smokers Guide pour capture d'écran Android
Agrandir vue - Marijuana Smokers Guide pour capture d'écran Android
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