WiFi / 3G Vidéosurveillance


WiFi / 3G Vidéosurveillance's review

Link with a PC or laptop, and get live surveillance on your phone.

  • Monitor your home
  • Easy to use
  • Live surveillance
  • Issues with audio
  • Lots of ads

"Monitor And Protect Your Home From Anywhere"


The Home Video Surveillance app lets you connect your phone to a PC, webcam, and microphone to get live HD surveillance right on your phone. It can be used over WiFi, 2G, 3G, or 4G, but audio can not be heard over 2 and 3G. It also features motion detectors and can notify you when there's movement in the home when there shouldn't be. It's great for a baby monitor and you can watch Junior even when he's with a sitter.


Easy to use app that monitors your home when you can't. It notifies you of motion and you can watch and listen in real time.


The audio doesn't always work. The free version has full sized ads, which can be a pain. To get full access to the app, you must upgrade.

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by Molly

Mars 21, 2015

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