DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

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Les "plus"
  • Podcasts and news feeds together
  • Broad search options
  • Loaded with personalization features
  • DoggCatcher community
  • Chromecast support
Les "moins"
  • Interface is a little cluttered
  • So many options are a little confusing
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Test d'expert

"DoggCatcher the PodCatcher"

Evalué par / May 12, 2015

An old dog with ever new tricks, DoggCatcher is the king of podcast customization


DoggCatcher is an oldie but still a goodie, presenting a robust tool for keeping your podcasts and news feeds together, all in one app. Android's first podcatcher has got a ton of options for finding podcasts, including support for RSS feeds and a bunch of podcast directories, giving you plenty of options to find and get what you're looking for.

The interface can seem a bit daunting to the untrained at first, but if you love have total control over every aspect of your feeds, then you will find customization options here unparalleled by over podcast apps.


Adding feeds is simple, and you can add video options as well as audio. Users can manually add a Web site URL, search by podcast name, browse by category, or let the app make recommendations.

There are numerous personalization features as well, including a sleep timer, automatic sync and download, notifications, and playback order. Once you've got your feeds set up, you can export your settings as a saved file. This way, installing the podcast on another device becomes a one-step process. You can also import existing feeds from Google Reader or an OPML file.

DogCatcher also boasts an activity community of users, so you can chat with other users and muse about what you've seen and heard.


The interface is perhaps a little dated compared to other podcasters on the market, and DoggCatcher is so customizable that the interface can also look a little cluttered, and be a bit of a puzzle to navigate around when you first get going.

Description originale du développeur
Manage your podcasts and news feeds with the first Android Podcatcher.

-Lifehacker finds DoggCatcher to be "The Best Podcast Manager for Android"
-Android Central's Editors' Choice podcatcher of the year
-Android Central's Readers' Choice runner up podcatcher of the year

-ChromeCast support
-Easy to subscribe new podcasts
-Auto download and cleanup of media files
-Offline playback of audio and video podcasts
-Customizable audio playlists
-Supports devices of all sizes
-Highly configurable
-Build in variable speed playback
-Home screen widget for easy access to playback controls
-Podcast categorization

-Automatically updates podcasts on your schedule
-Automatically download new media
-Automatically deletes media

Add podcasts by
-Browsing Top 100 DoggCatcher podcasts
-Personalized recommendations
-Searching podcast and news directories
-Importing from OPML

Integrated Audio/Video Player
-Plays downloaded audio/video
-Streams audio over network (wifi/cell)
-Remembers play position of media file
-Plays video formats supported by Android -

-Audio playlist for continuous playback of new media
-Video/News playlists for easy navigation of new media

Community and support
-Frequently updated -
-Very active user community in forums -
-Support via forums and email

-Battery/data plan friendly - can limit downloads based on network/power connections
-Media download queue can be viewed and managed
-Bluetooth support (A2DP/AVRCP)
-Supports authenticated feeds (username/password)

For any questions about application permissions, please see

Community and support at

Dernières modifications de cette version

Improved episode context menus in preparation for performing actions on multiple episodes at once

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Commentaires et classements de DoggCatcher Podcast Player
  • (58)

    par jt7775 le 09/08/2011

    Larry, try outlook express numbnuts.

  • (58)

    par marc lebrun le 28/12/2014

    J'apprécie particulièrement la lecture en accéléré

  • (58)

    par Cyrille Vayssette le 02/09/2014

    Je suis passé de la version gratuite à la version payante... Et j'ai perdu tous mes abonnements. Dommage. Sinon l'application fait la job bien que parfois certains podcasts demeurent impossible à ajouter/trouver. Pour moi il y a presque trop d'options possibles.

  • (58)

    par GORACY PAUL le 16/08/2014

    Je l'utilise depuis 3 ans, et toujours au top

  • (58)

    par Michel-ange ange le 23/03/2014

    Cant save feeds to external sd card i have an error message

  • (58)

    par Francois Parent le 18/03/2014

    Been using it for more than two years. Very satisfied. Waiting impatiently for Chromecast integration.

  • (58)

    par Geoffrey Letellier le 11/01/2014

    Configurable à souhait je ne m'en passe plus

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