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Currently working on a mod for Minecraft, but I will update this soon after it is done! I have learned a great deal more since my last update so it should be more efficient :)

The New and Improved Cipher Cryptics is now Available!!!
Previous releases are now considered Beta releases.

Cipher Cryptics is a simple text Encryption app. For those who do not know what encryption is: It is basically a digital version of the secret messages that everyone sends as kids.

With the introduction of version 3.0.1 the Visuals as well as the code have been GREATLY enhanced! *Note: If you experience any errors please navigate to the Info Tab in the app and tap my email and explain the problem. If for any reason it asks if you'd like to send an error report, PLEASE select send report. This will allow me to fix the problem sooner as I know where in the code to look.
Also this now supports phones as low as Android 1.6, so get your friends and start sending secret messages to each other!
Idqw gpr!!

Current Ciphers included:
-Caesarian Shift

Dernières modifications de cette version

-New smooth UI!!
-Code has been Greatly improved!
-Tabs have been replaced with sliding tabs
-Added links in the Info Tab
-New Options menu!
-New Icon

-The ASCII Chart has been temporarily Removed. This was to allow for the new Coding style. (Will return in the next Update)
-Fixed crash on selection.
-Fixed Overlapping text on Encrypt/Decrypt

Work in Progress:
-At least 2 new Ciphers are being worked on. With the new code no bugs should be present when introduced.

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