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NFX Oscilloscope is a simple signal vs. amplitude analyser.

Currently there are two input options for the application.

***** USB SUPPORT ****** (only for android 3.1 and greater)
The newest and best input option is a USB hardware device provided by Gabotronics. USB host mode has now been compatible since android 3.1, therefore most new phones and tablets will support USB host mode (Please check device). NFX Oscilloscope supports the Gabotronics Xprotolab/Xminilab, this has 2 analogue input channels and 8 digital channels and measures a tiny 2.5 x 4 cm!! The device it's self is a cheap portable alternative to most mainstream oscilloscopes, and has many different features. Connecting the Xprotolab to the NFX Oscilloscope provides a powerful and cheap oscilloscope platform for your portable needs. For more information on the Xprotolab or Xminilab click the following links.

So match this application with the cheap device from gabotronics and you will get a great portable oscilloscope!
Note: Only the analogue channels, logic Channels and tone generator is supported on the xprotolab/xminilab/xprotolab plain

Spec list for xprotolab:
2 Analog Inputs
Maximum Sampling rate: 2MSPS
Analog Bandwidth: 200kHz
Resolution: 8bits
Input Impedance: 1MΩ
Buffer size per channel: 256
Input Voltage Range: -14V to +20V

Currently the USB mode has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus , Asus Transformer , Asus Nexus 7 , Samsung Galaxy S3
There has been problems reported with android version 4.3 and USB host, there is a major bug in the release, which is set to be updated at some point in the future.

Please note : Most devices will need a OTG cable to enable usb host mode. See phone specific instructions for more information.

***** Microphone SUPPORT ******
The second option is the microphone input to the android device. This can be used to attach a scope lead to the jack socket. More information can be found at the following website.
Features include, triggering for different impulse and continuous signals. In addition to this there is level measurement and fundamental frequency readings

It is possible to control the amplitude, time/div and trigger level whilst monitoring. Settings included trigger directions, sample rates and voltage span calibration.

Have a look at this blog for more scope cable information from a fellow user of Nfx oscilloscope.

Head to my blog for more information on the NFX Oscilloscope.

If you are unhappy in anyway with this product, feel free to contact me and I will help all I can, if I cannot help I will offer a refund at any time (even past the 15 minute google refund mark)

Email : nfxdevelopment@gmail.com

Thank you for purchasing, I hope you enjoy! If you have enjoyed this app leave a quick rating and comment. Thanks!!

Dernières modifications de cette version

** V6.1.19 Icon updates
** V6.1.19 Fix to markers in audio mode
** V6.1.18 Small update to CSV data
** V6.1.17 Attempt to fix usb startup bug
** V6.1.16 CSV saved channel data when using USB (When Paused)
** V6.1.15 Advances in USB management to bring stability
** V6.1.14 Attempt fix for V2.13/14
** V6.1.11 Logic input fix
** V6.1.10 More devices supported
** V6.1.8 Fix for Settings swap. Better version number detection
** V6.1.7 Fixed marker misread for small displays + Logic states

Commentaires et classements de Oscilloscope Pro
  • (53 étoiles)

    par vincent de Boysson le 25/12/2012

    Je l'utilise avec le minilab et la possibilité de visualiser les signaux numériques en conjonction avec les 2 canaux analogiques en font un outils sans pareils pour le prix. un must have pour tous les utilisateurs de arduino. l'association usb est instantanée et une version bluetooth est en cours de dev. Le développeur est très réactif en bref a acheter les yeux fermé.

  • (53 étoiles)

    par Romain Rossi le 21/12/2012

    A very helpful app to control the Xprotolab. For my phone (Sony SK17i XPERIA Mini Pro), I had to use a powered USB hub as the phone can't source enough power. Very good support from the developer, both for bug reports and feature requests.

  • (53 étoiles)

    par Patrice Seibel le 13/12/2012

    Nice application that allows the use Xminilab with much ease. It's missing the protocol analyzer. Maybe later? Congratulations and I look after the software.