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  • Virginia Wine In My Pocket

    Virginia Wine In My Pocket



    0,72 €

    ★ Your guide to traveling Virginia wine country ★ Virginia Wine in My Pocket is a website and companion app designed to guide travelers through Virginia's booming wine country. Whether you’re looking for a day-trip with friends, a romantic weekend, a week-long wine adventure, or a quick stop...

  • Italian Menu Decoder

    Italian Menu Decoder



    3,63 €

    This new app will be a perfect companion for exploring the world of Italian food. It's comprehensive—some 6,000 words in all, including dialect words and local dishes from every region of Italy. Easy navigation lets you puzzle through any restaurant menu in a snap. And it's much more...

  • Europe Discoveries

    Europe Discoveries



    1,47 €

    Europe Discoveries can help you plan your vacation before you go - helping your choose the attractions, countries and cities you most want to see. Then travels with you providing information about good hotels and restaurants by location and price all over Europe. Plus offers practical tips about...

  • Berlin ✭Essential✭ Guide

    Berlin ✭Essential✭ Guide



    2,24 €

    Get a handle on Berlin's eye-watering array of options with our simple but powerful app. Whether you're into Third Reich history, techno dance temples or the ultimate Currywurst, there are insider tips for every budget and interest! Boasting 675 entries, 125,000 words and thousands of...

  • Big Sur & Monterey Bay

    Big Sur & Monterey Bay



    2,24 €

    ★ A Travel Guide to the BEST OF THE CALIFORNIA COAST, from SAN SIMEON to SANTA CRUZ ★ ★ Make the most of your time on the stunning edge of the continent ★ Cruise along HIGHWAY 1 and the Central Coast with this essential guide to lead the way. From San Simeon in the south all the way to Monterey...

  • Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

    Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

    0,72 €

    Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived for centuries as one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. It predates the American Revolution, withstood the Civil War and has evolved into an unmatched home for Southern and international flora and fauna. It is the...

  • Poker: Omaha

    Poker: Omaha



    2,21 €

    APP MARKETING: Howard Hian has been playing poker for six decades. Over the past two years he has played 10,000+ hands of Omaha High - Low and 13,000+ of Hold 'Em in home games, computer simulations, online and casinos. This tutorial will help you learn the basics and/or improve your...

  • Panama Travel Guide

    Panama Travel Guide

    2,20 €

    ★ Enjoy the best of Panama ★ The small country of Panama has an extraordinary variety of attractions and destinations. Whether you're coming for a day or a week, for tourism or business, our simple-to-use app will save you time and money as you experience the best of Panama. With fifteen...

  • Myrtle Beach's Best

    Myrtle Beach's Best

    2,30 €

    Here's everything you need to know to plan and savor a Myrtle Beach family vacation, a golf outing, a business trip or a weekend getaway. We include recommendations of the top hotels, the best dinners, quick lunches, a plethora of shopping plus all the entertainment, attractions and...

  • Rehoboth In My Pocket

    Rehoboth In My Pocket



    2,99 €

    ✔ Frommer's Guide just voted Rehoboth Beach as "One of the Nation's Top 20 Vacation Spots!" And the Natural Resources Defense Council recently bestowed 5-Star status on Rehoboth Beach. Rehoboth In My Pocket is your definitive guide to the Nation's Summer Capital. Rehoboth...

  • San Francisco Restaurants

    San Francisco Restaurants



    2,38 €

    ★ Eat where San Franciscans eat ★ ✭ Save As You Savor San Francisco ✭ Fact: San Francisco is America’s #1 city to visit. Fact: San Francisco's 3,489 restaurants are a big reason it's #1. Fact: Most visitors never try the best of them. This is your guide to the best. Not the tourist...

  • Bogota Explorer

    Bogota Explorer

    2,20 €

    Bogota: breathtaking, beguiling, bewitching, and amazing. There is something for everyone here and a lot of it! In Bogota, Colombia, everything dazzles -- the nightlife dazzles - restaurants seem to never close, music blares from the clubs where couples are dancing; it is a place where the pulse...

  • Organically Sonoma: Tour Guide

    Organically Sonoma: Tour Guide

    7,34 €

    ★ 40+ Wineries with Fine Wines From Organic Vines ★ Did you know that Sonoma's top wineries make more than 200 wines from certified organic vines? Visit these wineries (and find these wines) with ORGANICALLY SONOMA: A TASTING AND TOURING GUIDE, the first and only guide to the territory....

  • Vegetable Gardening

    Vegetable Gardening



    2,32 €

    ★ Vegetable Gardening: What, Why, How. ★ Few experiences in life give more satisfaction than planting seeds or vegetable transplants, being responsible for their growth and enjoying a bountiful harvest. Not only will you ensure that delicious fresh-picked flavor of salad greens like the crisp,...

  • Hilton Head Essentials

    Hilton Head Essentials

    2,32 €

    Showcasing a panorama of coastal experience with South Carolina Lowcountry treasures for visitors and locals. Unique insider recommendations of where to stay, where to eat and shop plus the best of everything to see and do on Hilton Head Island and throughout surrounding cities, towns and islands...

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