Flappy Wings



Vole vers la liberté !

> Touche l'écran pour battre des ailes
> Évite les tuyaux
> Défie tes amis

Caractéristiques :

- Compatible avec le Game Center
- Une bande-son dynamique
- Des commandes simples
- Des décors variés
- Un Pixel Art attrayant
- Improves on Flappy Bird formula
- Bird Design an homage to Tiny Wings

User Reviews:
nuclear-n01: 'Way better than flappy bird got my high score on this in half the time I did on flappy bird.'
David O.: 'Its like a parody video but of a game! Get it NOW'
June S.: 'Better than Flappy Bird'
Jocelyn J: 'This game is really fun like flappy birds but the bird poops, makes noises and its eyes are X's when you touch a pipe, get it !!'

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