Tubes: Think, Move & Solve

Tubes: Think, Move & Solve


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Les "plus"
  • 100 levels and more coming soon
  • Really fun
  • Makes you think
Les "moins"
  • Design is poor, could be enhanced
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"It's a matter of tubes"

Evalué par / Nov 05, 2013

Match the color and size and connect the dots together

Tubes: Think, Move and Solve is a colorful puzzle game that is created to improve your logic skills while having a fun time.

The objective in this game is to connect the dots together by using the tubes available on the screen. You'll need to press the blinking dot to begin the game and drag it inside the correspondent tubes so as to get to the ending dot.

As you advance through the 100 levels, new features appear, some of which will make the game rather challenging (having to match the color and size, for example). We must say, we find it extremely fun.

However, graphic design is not up to the gameplay's quality, design could be easily improved. Right now, it doesn't seem very professional and could use some changes.

Youngfreemind is the developer of Tubes: Think, Move and Solve, which was originally conceived by a twelve-year-old boy.

Description originale du développeur
Play 150+ levels in this unique and addictive puzzle game
Challenge your mind and logic abilities - think outside the box!
Listed in "The Very Best Puzzle Apps of 2013"

* Connect the dots through
* Colorful Tubes (pipes)
* Changing color and size elements
* Blocking parts, bridges & transfer elements
* Dragging and moving elements on special surfaces
* Hints to ease solution
* Multiple packages in different levels
* Special kids pack for age 3+
* Improve your logic skills.
* App compatible with both phones & tablets
* Total of 150 levels/mazes (and growing...)
* App platforms supported: Android, iOS, WP8, BB & TIZEN


Dernières modifications de cette version

Version 1.40
> More levels in medium and advanced packs
> Total of 150 levels

Version 1.30
> More levels in medium pack
> Total of 145 levels

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