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Solve the multiple enigmas and compete with your friends to see who's smarter

  • Good for the mind
  • Addictive, challenging
  • Simple interface, works well

"1 enigma for each day"

Book of Enigmas is a mysterious application where a professor in search for the most intriguing enigmas wants you to solve them all by presenting this book to you. He traveled around the world but he lost the book in the way, which has now ended up in your hands.

There are more than 400 enigmas to solve and the interface makes it easy for you to play: you need to take a look at the images, think about them and continue the series. In order to enter the answer, you just need to tap on the image and type it; then, continue playing and go to the next page by swiping right.

You can compete with your friends by installing Heyzap, which allows to establish online high scores. The first few series of images are fairly easy to solve but as you progress, the challenges increases considerably.

Balofo Games is the developer of the Book of Enigmas and the answers, in case you get stuck in some of the pages. This is an addictive application for all ages that really makes you think and use your logic skills.

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