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Les "plus"
  • 80 filters to choose from (55 in free version)
  • See how your edited photo will look in real time
  • Collages made simple with self-timer
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  • None
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"Selfies on retro-colored steroids"

Evalué par / Nov 27, 2014

Apply a huge variety of filters to photos before you snap them

It can disappointing to take a photo only to realize afterwards that none of the filters really fit that whole look you were going for, you know, that vintage thing with the blur and the vignetting and the skewed colors. This is especially true if it's a selfie. Banish the amateur auto-photography blues forever with Retrica, which lets you play with filters before you ever take the shot.

Select from among 80 filters and see how they'll look on the image in real time. Toggle vignetting and/or selective blurring if you like. Create a collage with up to nine different shots of you and your friends making duckfaces. A self-timer makes it simple. After taking the perfect snap, exporting it via your social media of choice is straightforward.

The filters are by and large quite attractive, a definite step up from the default ones included in Instagram. It's neat to be able to see them applied before you ever take the shot; that way, you know if you need to find more light or reframe the photo in advance.

55 of the filters are included in the free version; upgrading to Pro will net you 25 extras.

Retrica is the selfie-enthusiast's dream come true.

Description originale du développeur
Want to take amazing photos? Stand out from the crowd - make your photos POP! Retrica will transform your photo experience into something truly memorable. Choose how you want to remember that great view from your trip, or that delicious meal you shared with a friend. With Retrica’s live filters, you can preview how your photos will look, before you even take the photo!

Retrica also comes with trendy logos to make your photos more noticeable. And with over 100 filters, you’ll never run out of options.

More than 100 million photos are taken per day with Retrica. Download Retrica today, and join the crowd!

Check out these awesome features when you download Retrica:

+ Endless possibilities: All of your favorite moments can be photographed and remembered with 100+ filters.
+ Real-time filters: Preview your photos before you snap.
+ Vignette: Add a classic vignette border with the touch of a button.
+ Collage: Set the time interval, and take consecutive photos using the collage feature; it’s like being in a photo booth! Take fun and quirky pictures with your friends.
+ Watermark: You have the option to add Retrica’s watermark logo, so everyone can see the fun you’re having with Retrica!
+ Timer: No photographer necessary - set the timer, choose your interval, and you’re good to go.
+ Blur: Your subjects can be placed in and out of focus with this feature.
+ Build your social network: Upload your photos to your favorite social networking sites – be the talk of the town.


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Critical fixes: Go Pro purchase error and photo saving error fixed. EXIF related fixes.
Enjoy premium filters this holiday season at heavily discounted rates!
Limited edition watermarks for 2014-2015 winter holidays season!

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