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    RedLaser Barcode Scanner nous allons vous scanner les codes QR et beaucoup de formats de codes à barres

    • Il montre les informations utiles : prix du locales et en ligne, des aliments et des conseils médicaux
    • Scanne les codes-barres différents formats et les codes QR
    • Créez votre propre QRs et partagez-les
    • Mise en page Shabby

    "Scanner professionnel sur votre poche"

    Il y a beaucoup de QR/Barcode scanner pour Android. Il est vrai. Ce que RedLaser offre comme valeur ajoutée est la fonctionnalité suivante : il cherche les bas prix en ligne et locales de beaucoup de détaillants (il utilise Google Product Search, Ebay, Shopping.com et autres services web associés. Scan autour comme si votre appareil a été une arme et être au courant des prix, Découvrez les offres et ne manquez pas bonnes affaires.

    Il scanne l'UPC, EAN, UPC-E, EAN-8 et montre info, pas seulement des prix liées. Il fournit également d'informations liées à la nutrition, allergies, alimentaires. Tous de spécialisé des sites Web.

    Vous pouvez partager n'importe quel produit scanné par Facebook Twitter, SMS ou e-mail, ou même créer des codes QR de vos contacts, des URL ou des texte de le partager.

    RedLaser Barcode Scanner a été développé par eBay Mobile, l'équipe de développement mobile du site officiel de vente aux enchères.

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    par Manu , Appszoom

    Oct. 17, 2014


    RedLaser Barcode and QR Scanner — Shop Smarter

    Rated as a top shopping app by US Today, The New York Times, CNN Money, PC Magazine and Smart Money magazine, RedLaser helps millions of shoppers shop smarter every day - and it can help you too!

    RedLaser searches millions of products across thousands of online and local retailers to find the best prices

    Find deals and coupons from hundreds of stores both online and near you (US Only)

    RedLaser makes it easy, fast, and secure to buy from select retailers

    Find alternatives and accessories for the product you just viewed

    Scan & store your loyalty cards and even share cards with family and friends

    When you scan almost any food product with RedLaser, we’ll tell you everything you need to know—including product ratings , nutrition facts, and critical allergen information

    ● FEATURES ●
    ✓ Scan all major retail barcodes (including UPC, EAN, UPC-E, and EAN-8) and QR codes
    ✓ Search for prices from thousands of online retailers for millions of products
    ✓ Search hundreds of local retailers to compare prices, find the nearest locations, and even check out books at the library
    ✓ Buy on the go, right from your phone. Have items shipped to your home or pick up in-store from select local retailers
    ✓ Get product descriptions, reviews, and nutritional information to help you make the right decision
    ✓ Find deals and coupons from many merchants. You can view top deals of the day or browse deals by store.
    ✓ View popular products scanned by other RedLaser users.
    ✓ Create personalized QR codes with your info, contacts, website’s URL, location and more with our powerful QR code engine
    ✓ Create shopping, wish, and gift lists to share with friends and family. Also great for archiving your book, CD, DVD, and even your wine collection!
    ✓ Keyword, Voice, and Image recognition search to find the best deal, even when you don’t have a barcode handy

    Note: RedLaser uses your contacts to generate QR Codes if you use that feature. Otherwise your contacts are not used, and your information is never sent to us.

    - Coverage -

    Featured as a top comparison shopping app by E! News, Marie Claire, Better Homes & Gardens, The Oprah Magazine and All You.

    Top five comparison shopping app by Smart Money magazine, as featured on CBS news

    First app mentioned in PC Magazine’s ten best shopping apps to compare prices 

    "This is probably the most fully featured app-based barcode reader on the market."
    - Entrepreneur Magazine

    "…RedLaser is a perfect shopping companion."
    - The New York Times

    "It's great for comparison shopping, reading product reviews, or simply making note of a specific product for later."
    - Martha Stewart Living

    "In my review last winter I said RedLaser was the only app with which I'd ever made a profit. It's still true and it just keeps on saving me money."
    - Houston Chronicle

    - Testimonials -

    "A seriously impressive & useful App. Anyone who likes a bargain or even better anyone that doesn't like to throw away money this App is EXCELLENT"
    - Jimmy

    "This is like the best app ever! It really works!"
    - Desmond

    "A must have utility. I have been finding that most local retailers will honor the prices found by this utility. It has saved me a lot of money."
    - Philip

    "Awesome app almost bought something at a store that was $25 scanned it and found it for $ 6.76"
    - Brian

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    * Android Permissions to access your contact list are only for the create QR codes from your contacts feature. We will never store your contacts.

    * Android Permissions to directly call phone numbers are only to allow you to call your local store from RedLaser. We will not make calls without your permission.

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    par silonac

    Déc. 12, 2015  |  "Médiocre"

    Trois essais trois échecs

    Patrick TORT-PEREZ

    par Patrick TORT-PEREZ

    Déc. 05, 2015  |  "Bien"

    Ne donne pas les prix évoque toujours une erreur de connexion. Marche pas terrible ! !! Messieurs les concepteurs revoyez votre copie

    Serge Plante

    par Serge Plante

    Oct. 22, 2015  |  "Médiocre"

    Scanne mais ne peut recevoir de données

    Enzo Pacino

    par Enzo Pacino

    Août 02, 2015  |  "Médiocre"

    Le scanner le plus nul du monde

    Guy Martel

    par Guy Martel

    Juil. 25, 2015  |  "Médiocre"

    JE vais supprimer cette application. Ne propose pas de choix de magasin et prix. Non conforme à la description.

    Siham El Agri

    par Siham El Agri

    Mai 26, 2015  |  "Excellent"