FusionVOX-Mémos d'enregistrement / composition puis de combiner, mettre en valeur et gérer des proje

    FusionVOX-Mémos d'enregistrement / composition puis de combiner, mettre en valeur et gérer des proje icon

    FusionVOX-Mémos d'enregistrement / composition puis de combiner, mettre en valeur et gérer des proje

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    Use FusionVOX to assist & organise your daily life. Manage your daily tasks & increase productivity for study, music, business, home & much more with this new amazing memo & projects App!

    This is no ordinary memo App! You can record memos, drag them onto the FusionVOX timeline & create a project. Drag & drop your memo onto the timeline & position it where you like. Play memos individually or all at once. Zoom in, scroll through the timeline and re-order memos as you wish & play your project starting from where you want to.

    Organise your memos & projects by category, favourites, colour, alphabet and size or scroll through memos or projects all at once in order of when recorded.

    FusionVOX can simply be used for anything & everything to assist, manage & share your ideas, notes, lists, words, lyrics, vocals & much more. Share your memos & projects with friends, with colleagues, fellow muso’s, your classmates or your family.

    ===== FusionVOX FEATURES =====

    * Record/pause name/rename voice memos
    * Open the library drawer whilst recording a memo (multi-tasking)
    * Create/name/rename projects
    * Drag/drop memos onto a project timeline
    * Drag/drop 2 memos at once (iPad only)
    * Play individual memos or all at once – on timeline or in library drawer
    * Organise your memos/projects by allocating them a colour/category, make them a favourite
    * Search memos/projects by typing on popup keyboard
    * Sort memos/projects by alphabet/audio file length/colour/favourites
    * Tell a Friend about FusionVOX via Facebook/Twitter/email/SMS
    * Access the PitchanApp website directly from FusionVOX
    * Share memo/project audio files via SMS/email/Dropbox
    * Receive exciting notifications directly through the app regarding updates/competitions
    * Access user instructions with our funky & easy to follow HELP ME screens
    * Automatic memo saving when recording if recording is interrupted somehow (such as an incoming phone call)

    ===== FusionVOX IS GREAT FOR =====

    * Creating lists – continuously record short voice memos when you remember something & instantly & quickly drag the memos onto a TO DO LIST project timeline. This way, they will be all in one place when you need them. Even colour code them OR put them in the NOTES category

    * Song composition – record riffs, sounds, lyrics on the fly & then have them on one timeline ready for your serious song writing session. You can even create one long album project timeline & have each song a different memo colour to help create your musical masterpiece & keep safe forever!

    * Lecture notes – do not write endless notes in a lecture anymore until your hand aches or your fingers hurt from typing. Record them using FusionVOX & focus all of your attention on absorbing & enjoying your lecture. Follow this up by organising your memos onto the project timeline & further organising them into lectures, semesters & topics by using our great categorisation functions

    * Business tasks and meeting notes – engage in what your partners, clients or colleagues are saying rather than use your energy making notes. Press record & then get involved in the subject matter so that you can build your knowledge and skills plus revert back to your meeting notes later to be one step ahead.

    * Achieve that work/life balance - use FusionVOX to record important dates in the year & even share them with your friends, partner & family to remind them or allocate a task or chore. Use this App as a quick & easy way to get things done so you can spend time doing more important things!

    ===== GET IN TOUCH =====

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    Email support@pitchanapp.com
    Website www.PitchanApp.com
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